Eco Church

Sustaining the environment is one of the Synod’s mission criteria. To encourage churches to go green, we are registered as a Synod with Eco Church, an award scheme from A Rocha UK, and each church has received an Eco Box to celebrate the URC’s 50th anniversary.

The Eco Box includes twelve sheets, one for each month and starting in April 2022. The box aims to stimulate devotions, Bible study and action, along with offering intergenerational activities and pointers to other campaigns and initiatives. You can download the full annual Eco Box booklet or by month:

April: New Life  October: One World
May: Getting Out November: Remembrance
June: Buy Local December: Green Christmas
July: Plastics January: Gardens
August: Holiday February: Show the Love
September: Harvest March: Deserts


We are delighted that the following churches have achieved Eco Church Awards:

Barry Uniting Church Bronze
Hope & Market Square, Merthyr Tydfil Silver
St John’s, Buckley Bronze
Tyddyn Street, Mold Bronze
Uniting Church, Sketty Silver
Beulah, Cardiff Silver

Eileen Newington, of Beulah URC in Cardiff, is the Green Advocate for the Synod. Please contact Eileen via email to let her know that your church has registered for Eco Church and if you would like any support in responding to environmental issues. Eileen would also be pleased to receive your feedback about the Eco Box resource. Eileen’s presentation from the Autumn Synod meeting and accompanying notes are available to download.

Visit the worship page to explore ‘Caring for Creation’ resources for events and services, including links to organisations referred to in the presentation. Click here for the Synod’s Environmental Policy.

A series of Synod Eco Church webinars, with guest speakers, are available on YouTube

‘And God said, “Take care of . . . yourself”‘ with Caroline Pomeroy, Climate Stewards

‘And God said, “Take care of . . . the land”‘ with Rosie James, Cardiff Council Parks Service

‘And God said, “Take care of . . . your buildings”‘ with Michael Hodgson, Chris Atherton and Claire Boot

‘And God said, “Take care of . . . one another”‘ with Cynan Llwyd, Christian Aid Wales

‘And God said, “Do not be silent”‘ with Rachel Mander, Hope for the Future, and community artist Jo Jones

‘And Jesus said, “Worship the Lord your God”‘ with Jo Love, Wild Goose Resource Group