The Livingstone Trust Fund

The Livingstone Trust Fund was set up to be used for the following purposes:

(a) to facilitate personal exchanges between the WalesProvince of the United Reformed Church and those Churches outside Europe which are members of the Council for World Mission (CWM).

(b) to fund visits from United Reformed Church workers in the Synod to other areas where member Churches of the CWM are at work and to assist with finance for return visits for Church workers from such other areas of the Council to the Synod.

So, there are grants available to:

  • assist suitable church people to visit a Church (being a member of CWM) to participate in a CWM youth workshop or similar projects;
  • assist a minister in training to spend part of an internship year in another country to learn from and experience work of a member church and how it is involved in the mission;
  • enable a church leader or church worker from a member church of CWM to spend a sabbatical period in Wales.

The Livingstone Trust will also take note of the ways in which the ecumenical relationships of the URC in Wales involve it in projects or exchanges of personnel in and with churches of countries not currently in partnership with CWM

To facilitate such projects/exchanges of personnel, the Livingstone Trust will consider making grants for such use, in and with countries in Asia, the Pacific, the Indian Sub-continent, Africa, the Caribbean and South America.

However, where possible the Trust will seek to give priority to supporting projects/exchanges within the CWM family.

Anyone who would like further details, please contact Ann Shillaker – details from Synod Office or in the Synod Handbook.