Prayers Sunday 3 December 2023

Throughout Advent and Christmas we will be posting prayers from around the Synod, Ministers and Support Team, reflecting on the season and world events. 

And firstly for patience
As we wait
And prepare.
In this world of
The instant
The immediate
That demands we
Pile it feastingly high
For the one big day.

A pause
For thanks.

A second pause
When we can remember those who dread this noise and fuss.

An in-breath now.
Held in appreciation
For the beauty of a space
Within which to just

And secondly for joy
As we celebrate.
Whether we share in the
Loud and visible joy,
Rest in the
Quiet, hopeful joy,

When we wish it could be Christmas every day
And then remember
It can be.
But perhaps it would then
Look and feel rather different.

And thirdly for hope
Oh always hope
To move beyond the emptiness
To bring light to every shadow
To mend such brokenness
As love can reach
And stand alongside
In at-one-ment.

All this to the God within, around and beyond
In patience
In joy
In hope
We pray.

Revd Stephen Best
Chaplain to the Synod Support Team