Prayers Sunday 10 December 2023

Throughout Advent and Christmas we will be posting prayers from around the Synod, Ministers and Support Team, reflecting on the season and world events. 

O come, o come Immanuel.

Lord we are preparing again to celebrate your coming amongst us as one of us.

In the midst of the planning and the buying, the cooking and the decorating, may we keep you at the heart of it all.

But most of all Lord, may we remember those across the world for whom there will be no planning, no celebration.  We remember the Holy Land, where you were born and where your footprints were seen in sand and we think especially of Bethlehem which is unlikely to lie still or sleep deeply this Christmas.

O come, o come Immanuel, come to our fractured world, and fill us with your love and hope. 


Revd Branwen Rees
East Wales Regional Minister