Prayers 13 December 2023

Throughout Advent and Christmas we will be posting prayers from around the Synod, Ministers and Support Team, reflecting on the season and world events. 

Advent is a time for….

Well what is advent for? Is it a time for rushing around like a bull in an antique china shop in the last attempt to find that elusive present?
Or is a time for fitting in those endless mince pies and that extra drink and saying the diet starts after the festivities?
Or is a time for shopkeepers and businesses to rub their hands or worry will it be make or break this year?
Or is a time for stretching bills beyond breaking point?
Or is it a time of dread when people are supposed to happy but find it hard to even smile at a Christmas centred on children and families, trying to cope without love ones or simply being lonely?

Well, it can be any of the above and more.

But it also a time for stepping back and taking in the bigger picture.

Picture by Tonchino – File:Le sacre coeur (paris – france).jpg, CC BY-SA 3.0,

So Lord, push aside the busyness of the season, the struggles of the season and heart ache of the season and help us to reflect upon the bigger picture. Help us reflect upon the marvels of the changing seasons Help us reflect upon your saving grace -not with mighty armies but through the sacred heart of Christ – an ordinary man born over 2,000 years ago who did extraordinary things and who inspired the building of the Sacré-Cœur de Montmartre, Paris.

It is only just over 100 years old and but has inspired generations of visitors since – including a younger me, nearly 34 years ago. I can still recall my heart being touched by the sacred heart of Christ.

Lord thank you for this season of reflection
This season to ponder you still working in the world
Through hands, minds and feet still struggling to follow you
in offering hope to the world.


Revd John Hayton
Pembrokeshire Regional Minister