Lay Worship Ministry Annual Conference

Meeting Together for the First Time

Annual Conference for Lay Preachers, Worship Leaders & Contributors
Friday 18 November to  Sunday 20 November, 2022  
Metropole Hotel, Llandrindod Wells, LD1 5DY

For our first in-person event for lay worship leaders since 2019, our title is taken from Marcus Borg’s book Meeting Jesus again for the first time. We will explore what’s different for us now, what (if anything) has stayed the same, and think about our ways forward.

As always, we expect to be refreshed, transformed and re-equipped as we celebrate and share our individual gifts and ministries. And we expect to have fun.

If you have not been before you are warmly invited to come and see how the Metropole always makes us welcome; with full board, individual ensuite rooms and access to the hotel’s other facilities.

The conference is suitable for all those who are (or wish to know more about becoming) involved in lay worship ministry in the URC.

Booking is now open

The National Synod of Wales will cover the cost of this annual conference for URC members, but please note that a cancellation fee is payable after Monday 31 October. If you are not a URC member but would still like to come, then please speak with Joel. Let us know too about any dietary or access needs. We encourage, and will coordinate requests for, shared transport. We expect to offer this as a hybrid event; if you wish to join online, then please let Joel know.

To book, please contact by Thursday 20 October 2022 (at the latest)

For conference information, please contact

Programme (subject to alteration)

Friday 18 November

16.00  Registration – Check-in – Refreshments

16.30  Opening Worship – Welcome

16.45  Session 1: Introductions, getting to know each other

18.30  Dinner

20.00  Session 2: Challenges & bridges these last three years

21.30  Closing prayers

Saturday 19 November

From 8.00 Breakfast

09.15  Session 3:  The Bible in context: seeing it again for the first time 

          Session 4:  Jesus in context: images for a time

10.45  Break 

11.15 Session 5:  The church in context: what it means for us

12.30 Lunch followed by Free Time

15.00  Session 6:  Reflecting with Scripture

16.30  Break

16.45 Session 7: Worship Leading in context (1):  Our Ministry

18.30  Dinner

20.15 Session 8: Meeting Jesus again for the first time: The Grand Inquisitor

21.15 Closing Prayers  followed by optional continued conversation (in the bar/elsewhere)

Sunday 20 November

From 8.00 Breakfast

09.15  Session 9: Worship Leading in Context (2): Our shared responsibilities

10.45 Break

11.15 Session 10: Looking after ourselves

12.15 Closing worship (communion)

13.00  Lunch followed by Departure

Before coming

Please bring along an image of Jesus which you relate to and which inspires you.

If possible, please read, listen to or watch The Grand Inquisitor by Fyodor Dostoevsky. It is 22 pages in most editions. Click here for a PDF version or an audio version. We will watch this shortened (25 mins) version together: