Congratulations to Canton Uniting Church, Cardiff on achieving their Eco Church Bronze Award.

Thanks to the hard work of their recently formed Eco Group, they completed the A Rocha survey in record time and are now enthusiastically thinking ahead to Silver!

Rob Harding of CUC says, ‘Canton Uniting has been awarded Bronze for the Eco Church programme. Well, we’ve started but we won’t stop. Canton Uniting has always had an eye on our environment. We are amid a church building renewal and our hands are tied by the back of our building being over 90 years old. Soon we will have a new building but until then we do the best we can. Our church garden is amazing. What was once a bit of no man’s land left from the 1995 re-development, has been turned into a garden growing food and flowers. So many of Canton Uniting’s congregation work so hard on the garden. So much positive has come from Canton Uniting focusing on the environment.’

A Rocha has just celebrated 1,000 Silver – awarded Eco churches across England and Wales. Here, in the Synod of Wales, we now have 4 Silver awards and 12 Bronze awards. Thank you and congratulations to all those churches and to their eco teams for their hard work and inspiration. Could your church be the next Silver, or maybe even Gold? Let’s see what we can do by the October Synod meeting!!

Don’t forget to keep in touch with news of your eco events. Thank you, and good luck!

Eileen, Synod Green Advocate