Christian Aid – Gaza Briefing

Since the attacks in Israel on 7th October and war in Gaza Christian Aid have arranged two online briefings on the situation in the region. A further online briefing on the continuing crisis will take place on Teams from 10.00 – 11.30 on Tuesday 19 March. The need to connect as Christian churches and coalitions is therefore even greater than it has been up to now.

Our aim on the 19th is to bring together key representatives from a range of denominations and Christian coalitions to share updates and perspectives. Speakers from Christian Aid will include William Bell, head of Middle East advocacy and Julie Mehigan, I-oPt Programme Manager, both of whom will have recently returned from a visit to West Bank and Jerusalem and will be able to offer not only an update on the situation in Gaza itself, but also a wider perspective on the occupied Palestinian territory.

Please let Joel Sainsbury know if you would like to attend this meeting

The latest Christian Aid press release can be found here.