Candlemas and the Feast of St Brigid – a Quiet Day on Saturday 3 February 2024

URC Spirituality are drawing together the last of Epiphany, Candlemas and the feast of St Brigid via Zoom, with contributions from Kathryn Price, Lesley Thompson and Mark Argent.

They will be linking the story of the Purification of Mary/presentation of Jesus (Luke 2.22-39) and the legends of the hospitality of St Brigid.

People are invited to set aside the day, taking time to pray and reflect between the three sessions:

10.00: Kathryn Price
Introduction, linking the stories of the day, picking up themes of hospitality, hope and faithfulness.

13.00: Lesley Thompson
Stories of hospitality in Sheffield.

16.00: Mark Argent
Drawing together the themes of the day and facilitating an exploration as a group of where we’ve experienced God in the process of the day — for us together as a group in the sessions earlier in the day, and in prayer and free time between them. Where have the stories of the day intersected with or lives? What is God inviting us to hear? The session and the day will end with prayers led by Kathryn Price.

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