Visits to Abergavenny URC

Music and history have recently drawn visitors to Abergavenny URC.

In October, Scott Ellaway, a professional musician working in America but with roots in Abergavenny, heard about our tracker organ and asked to practise on it while he was visiting relatives in the area. He came twice and agreed to give us a concert when he next visits Abergavenny. Scott is a conductor and Artistic Director of Orchestra Europa.

A group of descendants of Revd James James, minister in our chapel from 1817 to 1830, came by coach for a visit to the chapel. We exchanged copies of newspaper cuttings and references to Revd James to extend our archives and had a lovely hour or two exchanging information over tea and cake. They were happy to see the garden which replaced the graveyard, but which unfortunately also conceals the grave of Revd James, since the gravestones were removed over thirty years ago.

With thanks to Margot Seabourne