Dragged to Church

Image: Richard Williams / Media Wales

Drag queens return to St Andrew’s URC in Cardiff for another joyous Christmas fundraiser! Since 2018, ‘Dragged to Church’ has raised over £12,000 for building repairs. Not only is this year’s event on Tuesday 7 December already sold out, but it will be filmed by the BBC for The One Show.

‘Dragged to Church’ began in 2018 when Revd Des Kitto contacted local LGBTQ+ radio presenters for help in raising funds for much-needed repairs. Wayne Courtney and Nathan Wyburn responded by organising a hugely popular show with performances by the drag community.

“The bringing together of many local diverse groups into a building we want to share has been a tremendous feat,” said Revd Kitto. “When we started in 2018 we had no idea the event would be such a success. It was so heart-warming to see so many people from many diverse groups engaging and enjoying the ambience of our beautiful building.”

“’Dragged to Church’ is a wonderful event that brings communities together, celebrating Christmas in the most fabulous way imaginable,” said Wayne Courtney. “It’s more than an event – it’s an experience – and it’s started a wonderful friendship between two communities. Rumour has it that some Sundays Rev Des is about five inches taller because he’s started wearing heels under his robes.”

St Andrew’s and the team behind ‘Dragged to Church’ will soon be featured in a film inspired by the story of two very different communities coming together to save a local church. This year’s event will also be filmed by the BBC for the Christmas edition of The One Show.

“Thinking outside the box is everything I stand for in my career, and this event is no different,” said Nathan Wyburn. “Who’d have thought? It’s just joyous and brilliant. I’m overwhelmed with the response this year and it’s a testament to the great people of Cardiff who are so diverse and accepting. Bring on the movie.”