Worship Leaders Online Conference

The Worship Leaders Conference will be held via Zoom on Friday 13 November and Saturday 14 November, from 2pm to 4.30pm each day.

Please see the programme below and book your place by emailing Helen Stenson as soon as possible. Attendees will receive information by email about how to join a Zoom event and use Zoom functions (such as chat, displaying all attendees or just the current speaker, etc). If you are new to video conferencing, or just wish to enhance your expertise, please join Jason Askew for a trial session from 10.30am to 11am on Friday 13 November.

Friday 13 November
2.00pm Welcome
2.15pm Worship
2.30pm Tea Break leading into Small Group Session: What spoke to you through Covid-19? Please share your experience of a resource (e.g. book, song, poem, reading) that you have found particularly meaningful this year.
3.00pm Plenary Session: The Trauma of Covid-19
3.40pm Wriggle Break leading into: What has been your experience of church in a pandemic? How does thinking about trauma help you reflect on that experience?
4.15pm Closing Worship
Saturday 14 November
2.00pm Worship
2.15pm Plenary Session: What did Covid Church look like?
2.35pm Small Group Session: What have we missed / enjoyed most about church this year? What has been the most helpful thing to keep you grounded and/or involved?
3.00pm Tea Break leading Zoom Poll: What would Worship Leaders value in future events?
3.30pm Plenary Session: All are welcome? Thinking about inclusivity in our worship and communities
4.00pm Small Group Session: What good examples of inclusivity can you share?
4.10pm Plenary Session
4.20pm Closing Worship