Winter Warmer Afternoons at Christ Well URC

A Winter Warmer afternoon began at Christ Well URC, Swansea, in November 2022.  At the time the church ran a Tea & Chat once a month for a couple of hours, for members of the church and the community.

The Elders and CRCW Adella Pritchard decided to increase the Tea & Chat sessions to every week and to open the church for a further two hours to support the Winter Warmers initiative that was being coordinated in the area by local community activist David Jones.

Christ Well is one of several locations in the area of Manselton and Brynhyfryd in East Swansea supporting the community with the Winter Warmer initiative. After Tea & Chat David Jones and another community volunteer host various other community activities as required.

Christ Well was successful in gaining funding from the Synod to be able to buy refreshments and resources for the Tea & Chat sessions at Winter Warmers which has allowed for a varied programme of activities to be provided, for church and community members every Tuesday afternoon.

In the pictures below you can see a community volunteer about to have a hand massage by a local holistic therapist and in the other picture one of the attendees at the Tea & Chat sessions is overseeing the melting of wax ready for a candle making activity; two different activities that have been available.


With thanks to Adella Pritchard