What do you make of the virgin birth?

What do you make of the virgin birth? Fact or fable? And either way, what is it all about? This December, the URC’s magazine Reform gets to grips with this bit of Christmassy theology.

One question, four answers

Revd Matt Stone
“I once heard a preacher say: “Jesus is not a ‘chip off the old block’. Jesus is the ‘old block’. That phrase has stuck with me, and it explains why I believe the virgin birth is so important … Most objections to the virgin birth are along the lines that virgins don’t generally have babies.”

Revd Carla A Grosch-Miller
“… One year, while preaching, almost as an aside, I said something to the effect that believing in the virgin birth need not be a stumbling block; it was adiaphora, not essential to faith. From a back row of that cavernous space, an older woman shouted: ‘Thank God!’”

Lawrence Moore
“The mystery and miracle of Christmas is that the baby who is born is no one less than God come among us in human form – fully human, and fully divine.”

Anjum Anwar
“As Muslims, it is incumbent on us to believe in the virgin birth of Jesus. The first miracle mentioned in the Qur’an is the infant Jesus defending his mother and speaking prophecy …”

The full article was published in the December 2019/January 2020 edition of Reform. Read more of these extracts here, or subscribe to the magazine here.