Shaping Worship: Creation’s Climate Crisis

Shaping Worship: Creation’s Climate Crisis – responding in faith

We have arrived at, or passed, our Earth Environment’s Crisis/Kairos Moment – how can worship help us wake up? Everyone is welcome to attend the Spring Conference sponsored by the Joint Liturgical Group of Great Britain on Thursday 15 March, 2pm to 5.30pm. There is no registration fee although donations are appreciated. 

Themes & Presenters:

  • Creation Power — Can scientific truth wake us up?  
    • Kim Holmén, Special Advisor at Norwegian Polar Institute
  • Bible Power – Can the Bible wake us up to Climate Chaos?
    • Revd Dr Rosalind Selby, former Principal of Northern College and Biblical Tutor at Luther King Centre, Manchester
  • People Power – Can we wake up our congregations?
    • Steve Hucklesby, Policy Advisor for JPIT, Joint Public Issues Team
    • Revd Dr Tamas Kodacsy, European Christian Environmental Network, leads the Eco-congregation movement in Hungary
  • Worship to wake us up
    • Phillip Mellstrom, Worship and Development Worker, Church of Scotland
    • United Church of Zambia, Liturgy from ‘Sensitization Sunday on our Environment’
    • David Williams, Composer – ‘We hold the Key’, a new hymn

 …the land mourns, and all who live in it languish  –Hosea 4:3a NRSV

 Zoom Link:  (Meeting ID: 851 8477 1951)