Make Polluters Pay Action Day

Make Polluters Pay Action Day Saturday 23rd September

Rich countries in the global north are responsible for over two thirds of global CO2 emissions. Rising global temperatures are driving the climate crisis and leading to more frequent and severe climate disasters. The climate crisis is impacting us all, but those most affected are communities in the global south who have done the least to cause it. Yet when climate disasters strike, it’s   affected communities who lead the response. They have to rebuild their homes, plant new crops and make up for lost income. They pay the bill for loss and damage. Meanwhile those responsible for the climate crisis, like fossil fuel corporations, continue to make vast profits and turn their backs on the loss and damage they’ve caused.

Make Polluters Pay Action Day will see people across the UK call on the Prime Minister to urgently make polluting industries pay up for climate induced loss and damage.  

Please consider supporting this important campaign in your church. Taking action could also help you with Community and Globalin your Eco Church awards.  

Loss and Damage is a subject you could introduce to your congregations and communities and the campaign might create a useful opportunity for you to contact your MP. 

Christian Aid is part of the Make Polluters Pay movement. You can find lots of really helpful Loss and Damage resources for your church here

Please contact Eileen Newington, for further details or to share any actions you take.