Love Your Burial Ground Week

Courtesy of Caring for God’s Acre

Have your heard about Love Your Burial Ground Week? It’s a week-long celebration happening from June 3 to June 11. Organised by Caring for God’s Acre, it encourages everyone who helps maintain churchyards, chapel yards and cemeteries to celebrate these incredible places with others in any way they like. In the past, there have been many interesting and fun activities, including history talks, memorial recording, wildlife surveys, picnics and even abseiling teddy bears!

As part of Love your Burial Ground Week, there is also Churches Count on Nature 2023 which focuses on recording the fabulous wildlife that can be found in churchyards and chapel yards. In the last two years, 900 counting events took place and over 27,000 wildlife records have been submitted during this dedicated week. Churches across all denominations take part and many recorders continue to submit records through the burial grounds project on iNaturalist UK. You can even view many of these records here. Churches Count on Nature is a joint initiative by Caring for God’s Acre, A Rocha UK, the Church of England and the Church in Wales, with participation from churches across all denominations.

This week isn’t just about raising awareness and encouraging care for the wildlife and heritage in these unique spaces; it’s also about bringing local communities together with a shared activity. For more information, visit Love Your Burial Ground Week.