Lay Worship Ministry Conference

Annual Conference for Lay Preachers, Worship Leaders & Worship Contributors

Friday 17th – Sunday 19th November 2023  

Metropole Hotel, Llandrindod Wells LD1 5DY

Responding to the challenge: worship in new contexts

Whether you preach or share in leading worship, regularly or occasionally, or are simply curious to discover more about doing so, you will find something of interest in our weekend.

Increasingly important and valued, lay worship ministry is at the heart of our evolving church life.  How does worship keep up with and reflect the pace of change around us? Some even ask if it should.  What does worship set out to achieve in your own local context? How might it better meet those expectations? What is the Holy Spirit saying as your local church weighs up its worship life?

Come and find space to share your experiences and your aspirations. Our weekend is facilitated by Maggie Kirkbride, your Lay Preaching Advocate and Stephen Best (Synod Office Chaplain). They will also offer new insights, as we explore together new pathways in this vital ministry.  There will be contributions too from Judy Harris (Synod’s CYDO) and Diana Taylor (Synod’s Safeguarding Officer).

Most of all we expect to have fun.

If you have not been before you are warmly invited to come and see how The Metropole always makes us welcome; with full board, individual ensuite rooms and access to the hotel’s other facilities.

Booking is now open. The National Synod of Wales will cover the cost of this annual conference for URC members, but please note that a cancellation fee is payable after 31st October.  If you are not a URC member but would still like to come, please contact Maggie at the email address below.

Let us know too about any dietary or accessibility needs.  We encourage, and will coordinate requests for, shared transport.

To book and for more information please contact:  by 19th October 2023 (at the very latest).

PROGRAMME (subject to alteration)

FRIDAY 17th November

16.00 Registration – Check-in – Refreshments.

16.30 Welcome and Opening Worship

16.50 Session 1: Lifting the lid on the weekend’s theme

18.30 Grace – Dinner in the main restaurant

20.00 Session 2: In the beginning

21.30 Closing prayers


From 8.00 Breakfast in the main restaurant

9.15 Opening Reflection

9.20 Session 3: Safeguarding in a preaching context

10.15 Session 4: To whom it may concern 1

11.15 Break 

11.30 Session 5: To whom it may concern 2

13.00 Grace – Buffet Lunch served in the room

14.00 Session 6: Intergenerational worship and children’s participation in worship

15.00 Session 7: Variety in prayers

16.30 Break

17.00 Session 8: Daring to be different

17.45 Session 9: Visual inspiration

19.00 Closing Prayers

19.30 Grace and Dinner in the main restaurant optional continued conversation (in the bar/elsewhere)


From 8.00 Breakfast in the main restaurant

9.15 Opening Reflection

9.20 Session 10: Lay Ministry together

10.15 Break – please ensure rooms have been vacated!

10.30 Session 11: Going forward differently

11.30 Closing worship (with communion)

12.30 Grace and Buffet Lunch served in the room followed by Departure


Advise any dietary or accessibility requirements. An optional Packed Lunch will be available for the departure on Sunday in place of the buffet, so please advise when booking if you would prefer to get quickly on your way with some food.