Harri Bourne wins Lundie Memorial Award

Harri Bourne, from Rhos on Sea URC, won a Lundie Memorial Award for his help with leading the church’s children’s groups. 

Harri first came along to the church Toddler Group as a baby. In time, he attended ‘Flying Foxes’, our after-school club for primary age children, along with his two younger brothers. Harri’s young cousin often came along too. Even from a young age, Harri was always very enthusiastic about the club, joining in with a whole range of sporting and creative activities. As the club grew to some 30 youngsters, he always looked out for the needs of the younger children and supported the leaders. Harri was the eldest of the bunch at Flying Foxes and when he left primary school he understandably stopped coming to the club.

However, two years later he opted to volunteer as a leader as part of his Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. He very quickly made himself useful, always asking what needed to be done, setting up tech equipment, helping serve the youngsters tea and more. He would also stay to help clear up without being asked. A particular area where Harri was indispensable was team meetings. He understood very well the needs and interest of the younger children and had the confidence to articulate them and make helpful suggestions about how we could improve the club.

At the end of the year Harri volunteered to join the ‘Service Crew’ on an Urban Saints camp. He attended training weekends when he didn’t know any of the other youngsters and, only just qualifying as a 14-year-old, he threw himself into the life of the camp. From a 6.45am team meeting to bed around 11pm, he was constantly reliable and cheerful, making new friends, joining in group discussions and completing his duties of serving meals to a table of eight, as well as clearing and washing up,

The club leaders nominated Harri for his outstanding commitment, reliability, maturity and adaptability as a leader over the past year. We are thrilled that he has elected to continue as a leader this year.