Eco Friends – your church needs you!

The Great Big Green Week is a celebration across the UK of community action to tackle climate change and protect nature. As churches we can take a lead on environmental action and raise our voices within our own communities … but where do we start? In order to encourage and support each other on our Eco Church journeys, to share ideas across Pastorates and the Synod and to enable easy access to advice and resources, we are asking each church to appoint its own Eco Friend from within the congregation.

Is there someone in your church who could …

  • be a hopeful and persistent voice for creation care and climate justice
  • gather together a small team to work on green issues
  • engage with your children and young people and listen to their concerns
  • join with others to include Eco Church in worship
  • encourage leaders and members to consider the environmental impacts of decisions and actions in church life
  • engage with your community and local groups; talk to your MP and MS
  • register your church on A Rocha’s Eco Church scheme
  • make good use of resources

Please contact Eileen Newington, Synod Green Advocate, for further details or if you are interested in the role. She will be pleased to speak to you and offer ongoing support: