East Africa Hunger Crisis Appeal

In response to a growing food crisis in East Africa, Christian Aid has launched an urgent appeal. The East Africa Hunger Crisis Appeal will raise funds to support the charity’s local partners in Kenya and Ethiopia.

Following the worst drought in 40 years, millions of people in East Africa are facing the threat of famine and death. The situation is made worse by the climate emergency, the Covid pandemic and the war in Ukraine. Christian Aid’s local partners are already working in the region, supporting over 300,000 people but more must be done to help save lives and give people hope for a better future.

Head of Christian Aid Wales, Mari McNeill, said:

‘The situation faced by millions of people in East Africa is desperate. The climate emergency has been affecting the weather patterns for some time but the impact of both the war in Ukraine and Covid-19 means that a real crisis is developing.

‘By supporting the work of Christian Aid’s partners on the ground through this urgent appeal, we can bring hope to a worsening situation. We know how generous the people of Wales have been to the people of Ukraine in their crisis. Those facing hunger in East Africa now need us to stand in solidarity with them in theirs.’

You may donate to the East Africa Hunger Crisis Appeal by visiting Christian Aid’s webpage: https://www.christianaid.org.uk/appeals/emergencies/east-africa-hunger-crisis-appeal

Image: Adoko Hatoro Engang, 76, Dasenech, South Omo, Ethiopia, outside his temporary home