Dan-y-Graig becomes a Bronze Eco Church  

We are delighted to announce that Dan-y-Graig Church Risca, has achieved the Eco Church Bronze award through A Rocha. 

There was a commitment by our church committee in May 2023 to become more environmentally conscious and to aim for an accreditation. With a lot of hard work, we achieved the bronze accreditation by August 1st. As you can imagine, we’re thrilled! 

Despite being environmentally conscious prior to embarking on this project, for example recycling, car sharing and shared Christmas and Easter cards, there was a lot more we needed to do to get the award. Here are a few things that we’ve implemented in recent months which helped us achieve the Bronze award.  

We installed a bird box, bird feeder and a bug hotel. We also now have a compost bin, we installed new LED light bulbs throughout the church, not only reducing the energy consumption by up to 80%, but hopefully reducing our bills too. We’ve fitted thermostats on our radiators as well as holding an eco-coffee morning with sustainable and locally sourced ingredients which raised money for an eco-charity. 

We are really proud of the achievement, but prouder of the work and commitment our church members have undertaken. It’s a cultural change that we weren’t expecting so soon. So many of the church congregation have not only embraced the change but are actively engaged in it. 

Our young people have been key to this success; they are unbelievably passionate and enthusiastic about this subject and have helped drive this change in such a short period of time.  

What’s next? I hear you ask. We’re so pleased to be given the bronze award, but the enthusiasm has grown, and everyone is asking “what more can we do?”. Well, drum roll…..…of course, we’re going for SILVER! We’ve got a lot of work to do, but together, I know we’ll get there.  

We have found it a great experience and has really made us consider our impact on the world God has given to us.   

If anyone would like to discuss further, or like any help about starting an accreditation, we are more than happy to help.  

Gareth – Church Secretary