Christmas Activities for all the congregation.

This Christmas why not consider doing something the whole congregation can get involved in.

Here are some ideas.

God Venture has lots of ideas and activities to enable praying with your children  in families or in churches over Advent and Christmas, see some  brilliant ideas on their website

Baubles on a Christmas tree. 

Why not do what one of our churches have started. Each child who comes to the church, at any point in the week, for any organisation, places a bauble on a bare Christmas tree. Only one bauble per child, so if they go to more than one group they can’t put a bauble on for each group. This gives the church a real idea of how many children they do actually have coming to the church throughout the week. You’d be surprised how many children you have.

Giant Advent colouring posters – these can be displayed around the church on the 4 weeks of Advent.

A Christmas tree festival – Each tree decorate by a different group in the congregation and displayed in the church in the week before Christmas, open the church up for everyone to see the trees.

A Creative Challenge for families – Ask families to think about one thing that “God is with us” means for you, or for your community, nation or the world. Put some thought into a 3D display or scene which represents this for you. Create your display in a cardboard box which has one side open and is decorated with lights. This display can be positioned in your window for people to see up until Christmas Eve. The all the displayed brought into church on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day to be shared with the congregation.

A Reverse Advent Calendar – Each day of Advent put something into a box which can be donated to your local foodbank.