Abergavenny’s Day of Action for Climate Justice

Members of Abergavenny URC joined a silent procession of over seventy people to highlight the need for action against climate change on the Global Day of Action, Saturday 6 November.

Representatives from the local Council of Churches, NHS workers, local councillors, Friends of the Earth, residents and families participated in the well-organised procession. The youngest child was a four week old baby, well wrapped up and carried in a sling inside her mother’s coat, and there were quite a few aged over 80.

The leading group wore placards and bright hats, carried cloth birds on poles and moved in silence. The rest of the 70-strong group followed them all over the centre of town, looping around via the shopping centre, market, supermarket, and pedestrian streets. Every so often we stopped to allow stewards to talk to passers by. 

After an hour and a half we returned to the square for a silent vigil with animal masks and a huge model Earth. People watching said the dignified silent walk was very much more striking than a noisy demonstration.

The procession followed an ecumenical day of prayer for climate justice and the COP26 meeting, held on Monday 1 November. Members of different churches joined together in the Methodist Church and led with readings and prayers every half hour, with silent prayer in between.

With thanks to Margot Seabourne